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Tori Hein

Executive Director of Marketing & Strategy

After having the biggest year ever in her online wellness business in 2020, Tori struggled with still feeling like a failure and found herself at a Freedom Academy in Southern California. God met her  there with one question: "Are you working from worth, or for it?” 

Realizing her tendency to overwork and how she had placed much of her identity in the results she was producing for God than in who she was in Him, she began a two year journey of healing from chronic striving that led to her online course and mentorship program, “Work from Worth” launched in 2021.

Passionate about the work in Freedom Movement and it’s impact on her story, Tori came on staff in 2022 as the Executive Director of Marketing and Strategy to help the team clarify their messaging and build their online programs to reach people where they are in their communities and churches. 


Tori has a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies through Calvary Chapel Bible College and is a certified life coach through Transformational Leadership Coaching International. Her and her husband, Matt, and two children, Micaiah and Amara, live in the Tennessee countryside just south of Nashville.

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