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Since founding Freedom Movement, Karrie Garcia has had the honor of meeting women across the country who are hurting, yet bravely seeking answers to free them from their afflictions. For some, freedom meant walking away from painful memories or major traumatic events, such as divorce, rape, or abandonment. For others, freedom simply looked like moving past the fears and hurts that were keeping them stuck. It was through these conversations that Karrie saw an urgent need for an accessible guide which could help women process and release their hurts in order to walk in the abundance of God's designed purpose for their lives, regardless of their experience or personal situation.


Karrie wrote The Exchange to help women, wherever they are across the globe, exchange their hurting for hope. It’s more than a book, it’s a nine-week journey that can be self-guided or experienced with a small group of trusted women. Beyond Biblically supported readings, The Exchange also includes access to nine weeks of teaching from Karrie in video format along with guided exercises and reflections that challenge participants to critically think through the lies and pain that have been holding them back from the true freedom God has for them.


Release your hurts and recapture the life you are intended to live.


Interested in leading a process group for your church, organization, friends, or the Freedom Movement family? Contact us to discuss group book sales and details on how to get started.

The Exchange includes:


  • Access to teaching videos (stream online or download)

  • Weekly journal reflections

  • Exercises for daily integration of weekly topics

  • Questions for group discussion

  • Tips for small group use and application

Check out our IGTV for primers on each major topic covered in The Exchange.

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