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Since our founding, we have gone on to reach thousands of women through our tours, cared for hundreds of women and men in our one-on-one and group coaching and counseling sessions, trained women and men through our courses, supported women and men through our process groups and monthly Gatherings, and provided thousands of individuals with personal study resources. Though we started as an organization specifically designed to support and guide women towards freedom and hope, we’re so proud to have expanded our offerings to serve men who need space to deal with their hurts as well. Today, we have also partnered with major churches in addition to Christian universities and conferences to offer this same healing space on a larger scale. 


With all of the growth we have experienced in the last few years, our mission remains the same, and the heart behind it continues to be personal for each and every one of us on the Freedom Movement team. Freedom Movement is still a place where women can safely share real stories that bring about a very real faith that leads to real freedom. This is our purpose and our commitment from which we will not waver.

In the midst of one of her darkest moments, when Karrie Garcia felt most disqualified from ministry and life itself, God interrupted this story and began to turn what was broken into something beautiful. Karrie emerged victorious from those dark moments through the freedom she found in the grace, mercy, and healing that can only be found in relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the truth that continues to transform her life, and now Karrie is on a mission to bring that hope to others through Freedom Movement. That’s why OUR story really begins with HER story. 

Back in 2014, Karrie and a small group of like minded friends wondered, “What would happen if we created a safe space where women could share their real stories freely?” Our first event did just that. Karrie took the stage in a backyard full of friends and family to share her story and encourage others with the truth of God’s redemptive love. After that first event, it was clear that when stories come to light, freedom can take hold. Freedom Movement rapidly grew from regular backyard gatherings, to larger church hosted events, to speaking series, to the organization’s first national tour.


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