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Our mission is to bring hope and healing to the world through a growing movement of courageous women and men willing to take bold steps to break out of their norms in order to accept God’s love for themselves and in turn offer that love to others. 


Through Freedom Movement, our events, and our ever-growing family, we have fostered an environment where anyone can begin to process and heal, whether they’re taking their first step, or their hundredth, on the road to freedom. 

At Freedom Movement, we are dedicated to offering avenues that lead to hope and healing that are accessible, attainable, and affordable. We exist to support and encourage those on their journey towards ever increasing freedom. For some, freedom means walking away from painful memories or major traumatic events. For others, freedom simply looks like moving past the fears and hurts that are keeping them stuck. 

At Freedom Movement, we believe that true freedom comes from the courageous act of loving who God has created you to be. 


We long for stories to be redefined and for women and men to walk in freedom. Freedom that comes from knowing you are seen in your entirety and loved completely. Pain, whether past or present, does not keep us from living freely, but rather allows a place to experience, firsthand, God’s love as He enters into those painful places bringing comfort, healing, and life. We have seen pain that once brought destruction, now have purpose that leads to freedom, in the hands of God. 


Here’s what we know: God’s greatest desire for you is to live in the fullness of the freedom available to you through His redeeming love and salvation. We know that free people, free people, because freedom is contagious.  


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