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It’s time to be MORE than FREE.
It’s time to live FULLY ALIVE

Join Karrie Garcia’s Free & Fully Alive book launch team and get the following perks: 

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with me and other launch team members who are also committed to sharing this book

  • Opportunities to win prizes and participate in giveaways

  • The chance to help shape the book's success by sharing your honest feedback and reviews

  • A personal thank you from yours truly *wink*

Free and Fully Alive equips Christians to:

  • Ditch the behavior modification strategies and focus on true heart transformation

  • Stop chasing external achievements when what is longed for is internal change

  • Silence that inner critic and find the voice of truth through the Word of God

  • Realize that God's love has nothing to do with what a person accomplishes 

  • Understand that past does not disqualify anyone from God's purpose


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About the Author

Karrie Garcia

Karrie Garcia is a pastor, author, and CEO who shares her journey to inspire change in others. She began speaking publicly at 19 and has addressed audiences ranging from small groups to thousands. Despite facing struggles such as drug addiction and the suicide of her mother, Karrie emerged victorious through her faith in Jesus Christ. 


She founded Freedom Movement, a nonprofit addressing issues of brokenness and pain often unaddressed in traditional church environments, and authored The Exchange, a nine-week course for those seeking hope and healing. Karrie is a pastor, licensed life coach, and CEO. She inspires change in others by boldly sharing her journey to freedom and by using her training in the area of  psychology to help others connect their minds with their bodies for a holistic approach to overall wellness. Karrie is currently working toward her Training Certificate Level III at the Allender Center, a program addressing trauma-focused narrative  therapy  taught by leading Christian psychologist, Dan Allender.


Karrie's authenticity and fearless approach to difficult topics makes her a relatable and empowering voice for those seeking freedom and healing. Her new book, Free & Fully Alive, guides readers through embracing their past and discovering a deeper connection with themselves, God, and others and is set to release in June 2023.

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