Kelli Coltman

Program Manager + Freedom Movement Coach 


Kelli officially joined our Freedom Movement team in 2018, but has followed the organization since its early days. In fact, she was one of Freedom Movement’s liaisons at our first partner church in 2014. At that time, Kelli was deeply involved in ministry at her home church, through which she met some of Freedom Movement’s earliest supporters. Shortly thereafter, Kelli met Karrie, and the rest is history. Not only was Kelli drawn to Freedom Movement by her instant friendship with Karrie, but she loved how the organization’s mission spoke directly to her lifelong passion for nurturing and supporting women. Her desire to help women understand their worth through the unfailing love of God stemmed from a lifetime of trying to grasp this concept herself. 


Kelli has always pursued the stories of others to understand people from all walks of life and process the world around her. This interest led to a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Biola University and, eventually, a cosmetology license so that she could hear the stories of others while working with their hair. Stories are also what pulled Kelli out of one of her darkest times. Growing up in the church, she always held an underlying belief that “good” actions were the sole indicator of a strong faith. This followed her through to adulthood, until she reached a breaking point when she realized that doing all the right things didn’t necessarily lead to God’s blessing. In this time of re-evaluating her perception of the goodness of God, she was met with story after story of those in her life who had found themselves in similar positions. This ultimately sparked a shift in Kelli’s mindset. She finally saw that God’s true joy is His connection with us and, even if we never did another thing beyond that, it wouldn’t change His love for us. 


This realization produced a stronger passion for helping women to see the same, no matter their life experiences, and now she gets to do so through her role at Freedom Movement. After leading the mom’s ministry within her church for three years—serving more than 150 women and coordinating more than 50 volunteers—Kelli honed the all-important operational knowledge that ensures all of our Freedom Movement programming runs seamlessly. Kelli also has been serving in counseling at her church for more than a decade and continues to coach at Freedom Movement as well. Following her own experience of transformation, she now gets to meet other women in the midst of processing their significant life transitions and share with them how God’s love is bigger and better than anything we’re facing.