At Freedom Movement, we’re firm believers in the transformational healing that can stem from honest community and wise counsel. Why? We’ve seen them change lives time and time again. For some, engaging with our Freedom Movement family through courses, events, and even online provides sufficient support for their personal journey to freedom. We also realize that some need one-on-one coaching and encouragement as they walk through dark places on the road to healing. Maybe you feel like that’s you, and we want you to know that we have the understanding and support you need waiting for you here at Freedom Movement. 


You are not alone. Let Freedom Movement be your next step.


No matter the battle you’re facing, God sees your wounds and loves you still. His desire is for you to find the healing that leads to hope. That’s why we’ve created a model focused on finding and healing the root of the issue, instead of focusing on surface-level behavior modifications. We understand the despair of endlessly, and sometimes aimlessly, wandering toward freedom from addiction, destructive patterns, shame and guilt, unexplained loss, anxiety and depression, and many other forms of emotional and mental bondage. Sometimes, we just need to know which step to take next. We believe destructive patterns can be halted, and even the most painful wounds can be healed. We also know that you have a purpose, and that you can experience joy and peace as you begin to live into that purpose. 


We have a team of professionals who provide affordable life coaching and counseling in addition to spiritual direction – all founded on the truth of God’s word and relentless love – to help you figure out the next step that will ultimately set you free.


Kaitlyn McCarty 

Director of Coaching

and Counseling, MFT

Laura Weber

Freedom Movement Coach +

Spiritual Direction, MA

Liz Brumfield 

Freedom Movement Coach 



Our desire is to help you with more than a “quick fix” or behavior change. When stepping into counsel with Freedom Movement, you will begin the process of facing what lies beneath. Our coaches and counselors are here to help you identify and heal the root issue in order to more clearly see the purpose God has for you.



Spiritual disciplines seem like a foreign language to many. However, we believe that these disciplines are part of the necessary steps to healing. God wants to reveal himself to you in so many ways, both corporately and one-on-one. Through spiritual direction, you will be paired with a coach who will guide you through how to listen for God’s voice and teach you tools for better connecting with the Holy Spirit who lives inside you.


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