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Abby Call

Freedom Coach

Abby Call is a coach and mentor for heart transformation. She specializes in helping others discover their purpose and empowering their voices. She offers support through creating a safe space, free of judgment, for others to process and heal.


Abby has been married for 11 years and is a mother of two young boys. Raised in church she has over 12 years of experience in ministry and 11 of those years were as a pastor’s wife. Abby has mentored and led women & men in all seasons of life, helping them to grow in awareness and curiosity to find healing and hope in their personal stories. 


Abby discovered Freedom Movement by working through Karrie’s book, The Exchange back in 2019 & it was here that her journey with Freedom Movement began. Abby’s involvement has grown from attending Freedom Academy, groups & training to facilitating and coaching. 

Abby began her own freedom journey as a young adult in personal counseling, ministry work with non-profit organizations and early studies of psychology in college. She has continued this journey valuing her relationship with the Lord, still seeking personal growth in therapy, continued studies in trauma & mental health, training and the Freedom Movement Certificate program. 


Abby is mostly equipped and qualified for coaching through her own personal story. It has been through the healing of trauma like abuse, wounding in the church and loss that she has found hope and the passion to help others also find freedom. It was through the recent loss of her mother taking her own life, that the passion to see others walk in freedom was exemplified. She has witnessed first hand the entrapment of despair and what can happen when the enemy's schemes go unnamed. Abby’s heart is to limit the amount of lives that fall into this type of despair, by empowering others to take back their voices in order to heal and live in freedom.

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